How to Elevate Your Home Style with Downlights and Ceiling Lights

Lorraine | May 30, 2018 | 0 | E-commerce

Are you planning to undertake a home improvement project? One of the best investments you will ever make would be on lighting fixtures. There is no need to spend thousands of dollars trying to renovate or remodel your home – the addition of the right lighting fixtures can instantly transform a room in your house. But that will depend on what type of lighting fixture you invest in. A ceiling fan with light Sydney has today can elevate a simple design and make it more cozy and elegant.
There are currently two popular choices for home décor and lighting: ceiling fan with light and downlights. Learn about how you can elevate the look of your home with these simple lighting additions.
Ceiling Fan with Light
There was a time when ceiling fans were referred to as a kiss of death for your home design. Earlier ceiling fan styles might support this idea – the industrial style fan would ruin any home décor ideas you might have in mind. However, things have changed with the advent of aesthetically pleasing ceiling fan with light Sydney has to offer. The fans are made of a wide range of materials such as wood and timber. Meanwhile, the construction is equipped with a lighting fixture so it can add lighting accents to your home on top of providing a cooling system.
Ceiling fan designs are now available in a wide range of shapes and finishes. For example, you can add them to your bedroom to provide a British colonial flair to the room décor. Meanwhile, you can still settle with the traditional fan-blade shape but look for designs that are industrial in a sleek way. They are the perfect choice for a modern home!
Downlight Fixtures
Downlights Australia has today are a favorite among homeowners to provide a dramatic effect to their lighting inside the house. You do not have to change anything with the look and arrangement inside your house, but installing recessed lighting can dramatically transform its feel and vibe.
To create the maximum effect with this type of lighting, you need to carefully plan where you place them. If you want to use downlights for task lighting purposes, meaning to provide maximum illumination that will increase functionality, place it on a specific area where you need lighting for. For example, in the kitchen, you can place it over the kitchen island or countertop (under the cabinets). This will make it easier to perform chores in your kitchen without compromising on the aesthetic value.
If you want to use it for accent lighting purposes, your options are limitless. You can place it near a wall to highlight a piece of artwork or your wall art gallery. You can also place it above the fireplace to provide ambient lights when you gather around near the fireplace. This type of lighting is designed to emphasize certain areas in your home. Hence, you need to come up with a lighting plan so you know where to place them and how many you need.
Whether you choose a downlight or ceiling fan with light Sydney has today, it is all about how to position those lights for maximum effect. Hence, planning before your big home makeover is key to maximize the styling potential of each fixture!

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